A Vibrant History

A Bright Future

Over 170 years ago, on a ridge of land with clear water running through it, early settlers carved out their lives from a forest of bloodwood, oak, cedar, mahogany and gum.

Some were carpenters, who dressed the timber to build new homes. Some were timber getters, or farmers, who built new lives from the soil and the creeks. Some were selectors, who paid two-and-six an acre. But all were pioneers of Park Ridge, who left us their stories to inspire a new breed of settler, in a new era of modern living.

Today, we’re re-planting threatened local tree species, preserving heritage through historic walking trails, conserving the remnant forest with biodiversity corridors and developing a place that will provide new lives for those who seek all the best that South East Queensland has to offer. This is where you can live a life well crafted.

Carver’s Reach At A Glance


Get an overview of the tree-lined avenues, the green spaces and parks, the exceptional amenities and, of course, your land!